‘inside Llewyn Davis,’ ‘about Time,’ And Three Other Movies From The New York Film Festival

9 Movies You Should Be Ashamed To Be Afraid Of

But those scenes of blackouts and people staring through your window are still scary. S 5. It (1990) It doesn’t matter how cheesy the rest of the movie is. It really doesn’t. All you need is the introduction to the monster. Watch the first forty-five seconds of this clip and it won’t make a difference how many fake spiders they wave around in the finale. You’re still (shamefacedly) scared. And you’ll never go to the circus again. 4. Tremors (1990) I’m not saying it scares you all the time. I’m just willing to bet that, after watching this movie, you spent a little time looking over the plan of your house and wondering if you could hop from one piece of furniture to the next without the graboids getting you. Ha! 3. The Entity (1983) S Remember being scared by Poltergeist? That’s fair.

Free Movies Not Completely Furloughed This Weekend

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about time

Part of the series The Plays the Thing: Vaclav Havel, Art and Politics at the National Gallery of Arts East Building auditorium, 4th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. NW. ** 7:30pm: Airplane! (1980). The seminal spoof of 1970s disaster films. Part of the series The Movies Take to the Air at the Library of Congress Packard Campus Theater, 19053 Mount Pony Rd., Culpeper, Va. 8:30pm: Them (1954). Atomic tests turn ants into giant monsters. Free with dinner purchase at American City Diner, 5532 Connecticut Ave. NW. Sunday: 1:30pm: The Dark Knight Rises (2012).