On Her Final Day In Paris, Kim Kardashian Unleashed Her Cleavage Of Defiance

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Nori’ Necklace: Is She Trying to Be Like Beyonce?

Now, one of them ispulling open her secret files for the first time: Attorney Laura Wasser , divorce lawyer for Kim Kardashian , Angelina Jolie , Britney Spears , Ashton Kutcher , Mariah Carey and more, exposes the wildest things shes seen in nearly 20 years in the courtroom in her new book,It Doesnt Have to Be That Way: How to Divorce without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself. Of course, Wasser is smart enough not to name names , but celeb sleuths might be able to interpret the true identity of the people behind these jaw-dropping tales . First up is the bass player for an alternative rock band, Ill call him Zack, who Wasser represented in the early 2000s. (Some of her musician clientsincludeKornsJonathan Davis, OffspringsDexter Holland, and Linkin ParksChester Bennington.) We were on the phone going over the settlement sent to my office by Zacks wifes attorney, Wasser writes. It was about 10:00 in the morning. As I presented my analysis of the first couple of terms, I heard on the other end of the line an unmistakable bubbling sound. Dude, I asked incredulously, are you taking a bong hit? DOCUMENTS: Kim Kardashian Tries To Change Date Of Divorce Trial Silence, she writes. Heavy exhalation from the receiver. A long sigh ending in Yeahhhhh. Then there was a client whose ex-wife was so desperate to get him out of the house that she beat herself up with a telephone handset in front of their child and then took photographs of her bruised face in order to have evidence of the abuse. Yet another jilted wife stuffed the curtain rods in her mansion with shellfish and caviar before moving out, Wasser claims, so that her replacement would have to deal with a mysterious stench in her new love nest. And another scattered tacks in front of her husband Matts man cave after a fight, Wasser claims. When he flipped out, according to the lawyer, the wife Jane called 911, and the copshappilyhauled him off priding themselves on their sensitivity to potential incidents of domesticviolence. GALLERY: Hollywood Divorce Lawyers Tell All Prostitutes, Cross Dressing, Drugs & More Shocking Split Secrets Male clients can be just as vindictive as their female counterparts, Wasser says. I suppose one of the worst choices I have ever heard about was when the wife, who became my client, answered the door on Valentines Day to see a deliveryman carrying aboxbig enough to contain a passel of long-stemmed roses, she writes. Long-stemmed roses they indeed were: dead ones. Among their stems, speared onto a thorn, was a court summons announcing that my client was being sued for divorce. But theres room for a little lovin in divorce wars too. One manipulative soon-to-be-ex-wifeseduced her estranged husband and secretly filmed the act, Wasser says, so that she could force the court to recalculate their date of separation and get more money.

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Reddit Founder Thinks Government Should Be Like Kim Kardashian

But on her final night, mere hours before she hopped on a plane back to Los Angeles, Kim returned to her roots. With Tisci’s blessing, Kim Kardashian unleashed her cleavage at a screening of Mademoiselle C, the Carine Roitfeld documentary. Not long ago, designers described dressing Kim as ” bastardizing yourself .” To prove the industry’s resilience, Andre Leon Talley announced , “Not even Kim Kardashian could take away from fashion.” But this Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian dined with Talley . Givenchy dressed her. Lanvin, Celine, and Margiela want to dress her infant. She arrived at Mademoiselle C onRiccardo Tisci’s arm. He said she was his “best date” on Instagram . Last season in Paris, an uncomfortable-looking Kim shoved her then-pregnant body into androgynous clothing she couldn’t pull off . This time she was more comfortable and more herself in all her tawdry splendor. Could thisdefiantly vulgar final look be “fuck-you cleavage”? Cleavage that says, “You didn’t want me, but now I am here, and I will not be ignored”? Her cleavage-baring dress had cutouts on the torso, too. Even her shoes had cutouts.

Why did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West choose to name their daughter North? Kim Kardashian ‘s daughter North West isn’t just adorable — she’s also great accessory inspiration. Kim was recently photographed wearing a gold “Nori” necklace while walking the streets of Paris in a tres chic nude-toned ensemble. “Nori” is the cute nickname that Kanye West and Kim chose for daughter North, and Kim was probably trying to keep her daughter close to her heart since the little girl didn’t get to fly to Paris with her parents. Kim isn’t the only celeb mom who has used gold jewelry to show her love for her little one — last May Beyonce used her official website to proudly show off a necklace featuring a “Blue” nameplate . Interestingly, a love of daughter-themed accessories is just one of the striking post-birth similarities shared by Kim and Queen Bey. Kanye West once denied rumors that he considers Kim Kardashian his Beyonce, but it’s weird that the reality show star seems to be morphing into the “Irreplaceable” singer. Here’s a look at how Kim has copied Bey: Becoming Blonde Babes Post-Birth Just four weeks after giving birth to Blue Ivy, Bey showed off her post-pregnancy body for the first time by stepping out in a curve-hugging, cleavage-baring dress. The new mom also rocked dark blonde locks. Kim’s new lighter hairstyle looks suspiciously similar to Bey’s, and the reality show star also recently displayed her post-pregnancy curves by donning a low-cut, skintight dress . However, she waited three and a half months after giving birth before returning to the spotlight. Push Presents Kim and Queen Bey have another offspring-themed accessory in common.

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