Rob Ford Talks Music, Not Surveillance, In Texas

Ford Update

In a private meeting after Ford’s tour of the Austin City Limits Music Festival grounds, C3 Presents the company that runs the festival expressed an interest in launching a similar event in Toronto, Henderson said. It’s not ACL Fest, because that doesn’t translate; you can’t have Austin City Limits in Toronto, Henderson said. I think what (Ford) is saying is that he wants to bring a major outdoor festival like this … to Toronto. And I’ve gotta say, from my perspective: hallelujah. We identified that as a major hole in the Toronto music offering. And until we fill that hole, can we claim to be one of the greatest music cities in the world? Probably not. Ford gushed about the festival after walking the grounds of Austins Zilker Park in the early afternoon, in a dark suit that left him sweating heavily under the hot sun. Other than the absence of a cold sprinkler to run through, he joked, the festival is absolutely fantastic. Were going to have this happen in Toronto, he told reporters. Weve just got to find a venue; it might not be this big, but what Ive seen today look at what it does for the economy, look at what it does for tourism, look at what it does for jobs. This is a win-win-win right around. People are super nice; everyones well-behaved; I didnt see one incident.

Rdio adds free music stations to its iOS, Android apps

Rdio adds free music stations to its iOS, Android apps The updated feature offers music from 20 predefined stations or stations you create based on artist, song, album, or genre. (Credit: Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET) Rdio tuned up its Internet radio service with the latest updates to its iOS and Android apps. An updated and free feature called Stations allows you to listen to music from 20 predefined stations built on songs from different artists. You can also create your own stations based on artist, song, album, or genre. In return, Stations plays random selections based on the station you picked, and lets you listen to an unlimited stream of music. Related stories As Apple lets radio roll, Pandora listener growth tones down Sound familiar? Stations seems to be Rdio’s effort to tap into the online streaming action of iTunes Radio, Pandora, and Spotify. The free service won’t bother you with ads between the songs, according to the Associated Press . However, Rdio is counting on its non-paying users to pony up for a $10-per-month subscription, which includes added features like the ability to pick exact songs and albums they want to hear. Stations is powered by music intelligence company The Echo Nest, which described the feature in a blog posted Thursday. As you listen to stations and songs, the service tries to deciper your tastes to better detemine which music to serve you in the future. The Echo Nest said it’s also working with Rdio to make sure all of the radio stations are DMCA-compliant . Such a move would help avoid any legal skirmishes with the music industry. Stations is available as a feature in the US, Canada, and Australia. iOS users can download the latest version of Rdio from the App Store , while Android users will find it at Google Play .