Tom Clancy’s International Tales, Fictional Cia Hero Jack Ryan Combined For Hollywood Success

Oct. 10 (9:01 9:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Copyright CBS, Richard Cartwright This photo released by CBS shows, from left, Robin Williams as… The Hollywood Reporter ‘s list of its 10 best stories of the week: FALL TV PREMIERE WEEK: WHO WON AND LOST (ANALYSIS) NBC and ABC are up, Fox and CBS down as viewers return to sample broadcast shows and give each network something to brag about. ‘DON JON’ SHRINKAGE: RELATIVITY SUFFER BOX OFFICE COLD STREAK The Joseph Gordon-Levitt dramedy looks like a loser for the studio, one of a string of losses that could leave it $800 million short of its $1 billion global box office goal. MEET WALTER BLANCO: ‘BREAKING BAD’ GETS SPANISH-LANGUAGE VERSION As Vince Gilligan ‘s creation ends with record U.S. ratings, Sony TV preps a Colombian version but no RV this time. TED TURNER ‘S BIRTHDAY SAVE-THE-DATES ARE SNOW GLOBES OF HIMSELF (AND HIS THREE LABS) Inside the snow-globe reminder of his 75th birthday fete on Nov. 23 at the Atlanta Intercontinental , the mini media mogul wears jeans, a denim shirt and a sheepskin jacket. HOW BUSINESS MANAGERS HANDLE MONEY FOR STARS WHO MAKE LESS THAN THEY A cable paycheck is all the rage, but taxes, commissions and fees reduce that to $200K per year, says Scott Feinstein , who manages Taylor Lautner , Mina Kulis and Aaron Paul so a client’s Lamborghini wishes wind up BMW instead. HOW HOLLYWOOD’S A-LIST DIVERSIFIES: PROPERTY FLIPPING, RESTAURANTS, FASHION AND NIGHTCLUBS From Vincent Gallo and Jeremy Renner ‘s adventures in real estate to Robert DeNiro ‘s restaurants, Woody Harrelson ‘s wheat-waste paper mill and Susan Sarandon ‘s table-tennis-themed nightclubs, THR’s rundown of the profits and perils of moonlighting. THE SKY-HIGH COST OF KEEPING STARS SAFE Celebrities pay six to seven figures to keep paparazzi, overzealous fans and the occasional stalker at bay. A FINANCIAL ADVISER’S MANAGEMENT ADVICE THROUGH A HOLLYWOOD CAREER ARC (GUEST COLUMN) Tesla or Prius? Depends on your status, writes a Beverly Hills money manager, who gives a blueprint of how everyone from agency assistants to movie moguls should spend and invest. HOW A BRAD PITT MANTRA, ‘GAME ON, —-ERS!’, FUELED HIS OSCAR CONTENDER ’12 YEARS A SLAVE’ The Plan B star-producer reveals the stomach-churning drama that had his team remaking “World War Z” while developing “Slave,” as negative whispers and doubt abounded.

Busan: Why the 2013 Fest Snubbed Hollywood

Korean movies have performed especially well against the Hollywood juggernaut. So far this year, Korean releases have dominated the local box office at a 58.9 percent clip, while U.S. films account for 36.8 percent. In one weekend in late September, Korean films accounted for more than 70 percent of the take, and eight out of the top 10 highest-grossing films this year are Korean — with all eight of them bringing in more than 5.5 million admissions. The domestic drama Miracle in Cell No. 7 — which screened in 2012 in Busan — became one of the highest-grossing local releases of all time with 12.8 million admissions. The only two Hollywood films on the list are Iron Man 3 (third place with 9 million admissions) and World War Z (10th with 5.2 million admissions). Similar things are happening in other markets in the region. Suh Young-joo, CEO of influential Korean sales banner Finecut, tells THR that she has heard of some buyers checking out Busan ahead of other, far more established industry events like MIPCOM in Cannes. “That seems to speak for Busan’s growing influence in Asia,” says Suh. “We are showcasing eight films at the Busan market this year, and all of them are making their market debuts. The Busan International Film Festival is important because it’s a chance for us to introduce new works and to provide a preview for buyers.” Busan executive programmer Kim Ji-Seok is proud of the event’s focus on emerging filmmakers, pointing to the effort it took to program 94 films in the lineup that are debut or follow-up features. STORY:Busan Film Fest’s Asian Project Market Announces Selections “There is also a strong representation of Central Asian cinema,” says Kim. “We held a showcase on New Central Asian cinema 12 years ago, and this year there will be works by a lot of lesser-known directors.

Clancy, the bestselling author of The Hunt for Red October and other wildly successful technological thrillers, has died. He was 66. Penguin Group (USA) said Wednesday that Clancy died Tuesday in Baltimore. The publisher did not disclose a cause of death. By Associated Press, LOS ANGELES Jack Ryan is the sort of American hero thats been a screen staple since the silent era. Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck have all played the fictional CIA analyst, and Chris Pine joins the list when Jack Ryan: Shadow One opens on Christmas Day. The character was Tom Clancys version of an American James Bond, said Gregg Kilday, film editor for The Hollywood Reporter. The weeks best news photos Heres a quick way to catch up on the weeks news, through some of our favorite photos. Clancy, who died Tuesday at age 66, wrote these very solid, meat-and-potatoes thrillers, Kilday said. They offered up a lot of material that directors and actors could work with in fashioning straightforward, semi-patriotic espionage and action-adventure movies. Each adaptation was a hit: The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and The Sum of All Fears. But despite the success, the authors relationship with Hollywood was often contentious. While he enjoyed the exposure, he regretted the lack of creative control. Giving your book to Hollywood is like turning your daughter over to a pimp, he famously said. He took potshots at a number of films, Kilday noted.

Chelsea Players as Hollywood Movie Characters

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Emmett Brown Back to the Future image courtesy of Ian Walton/Getty Images Their hair may be vaguely similar, but the resemblance between Chelsea’s David Luiz and Dr. Emmett Brownor simply Doc as he is better known to Marty McFly in Back to the Futureis uncanny. Both are borderline genius at their chosen craft, with Doc creating a time machine from a DeLorean car, while Luiz has an abundance of footballing talent that has seen him make 29 appearances for Brazil. Yet, for all their talents, the pair have a tendency to cause plenty of drama and have a habit of getting themselves into the odd sticky situation. Whether it be attempting a succession of Cruyff turns on the edge of his own penalty area or conceding reckless fouls, Luiz has landed himself in hot water more times throughout his career than he cares to mention. And as for Doc, well, need we remind you of Back to the Future III? Frank Lampard / Rocky Balboa Rocky image courtesy of Wikipedia It’s hard to imagine that Frank Lampard was once a player considered by many as not being talented enough to make the grade at the highest level. At his boyhood club West Ham United , this was particularly the case, with fans questioning his ability. In fact, at one famous Q&A session with supporters, Harry Redknapp was forced to support his young nephew’s talents when one fan targeted him for criticism, suggesting Lampard was only featuring for the Hammers for reasons of nepotism. You can watch the YouTube clip here . Well, 205 goals for Chelsea and 100 England caps tell their own story.